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What To Do if You Find A Lost Pet?

(September 22, 2023)

Finding a lost pet can be a heartwarming yet challenging experience. These lost or abandoned animals need our help, and our actions can significantly impact their lives.

Before approaching a lost animal, it’s essential to prioritize yours and the animal’s safety. Lost animals can be scared, injured, or aggressive. Approach slowly and calmly to avoid startling them. If available, try approaching with a leash or a carrier. Do not force contact. Give the animal space and time to come to you if it feels comfortable.

Once you’ve ensured safety, assess the animal’s condition. Look for any visible injuries, signs of illness, or distress. Note their body condition, coat condition, and any signs of malnutrition. Pay attention to the animal’s behavior and demeanor. Fearful, aggressive, or overly friendly behavior can indicate different needs.

If the lost animal is injured or in distress, call our Injured Animal Ambulance at 713-880- HELP (4357)
If the lost animal seems in good condition, please contact your local Animal Control and patiently await their guidance and instructions.

In the meantime, provide temporary shelter and care if you can safely handle the animal. Lost animals are often hungry and thirsty. Provide some food and water if you have it. If you have a garage, spare room, or a safe outdoor area, set up a space where the animal can stay temporarily.

Next, check if the animal has any identification tags with contact information. Most veterinary clinics and shelters can scan for microchips, which may have the owner’s information.
To view our found animal listings, click here. If the animal isn’t listed on the page, please submit a lost pet report and explore our additional resources.

Finding a lost animal can be a rewarding experience as you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on their life. Remember to prioritize safety, assess the animal’s condition, and contact the Houston SPCA for assistance. By following these steps, you can ensure that the lost animal receives the care and support it needs while increasing the chances of a happy reunion with its owner or finding a new loving home.

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