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Employ a Working Cat

Do you have a barn, warehouse, or brewery with a need for pest control? You can provide an independent homeless cat with a safe place to live — and a satisfying job, too!

Adopting a working cat

Adopting a working cat, also known as “barn cats,” means you provide an independent homeless cat with not only a safe place to live but the very satisfying job of patrolling properties that include warehouses, marinas, or barns each day. These special felines will be spayed or neutered and microchipped and will have the most up-to-date vaccinations just like all the other adoptable pets who are currently in the care of the Houston SPCA.

The adoption fee for all working cats has been waived, but we kindly ask for a donation for the starter kit that includes a crate, litter box, and other supplies that are critical to helping them feel safe and at home. The starter kit needs to be used for a minimum of two weeks.

Owners will be required to provide their newly adopted cat with a safe place to live along with plenty of food, water, and shelter as well as veterinary care.



What makes working cats different?

  • They are best suited in an outdoor environment and will thrive on a property with a structure such as a barn, manufacturing plant, winery, warehouse, or marina.
  • They are very independent and comfortable being away from people most of the time.
  • They are typically shy or fearful of people, and inconsistent with using an indoor litter box.

What are the property requirements to adopt?

  • Your potential working cat must have access to a safe, dry, enclosed weather-proof building, such as a barn, shed, garage, greenhouse, shop, marina, factory, winery, brewery, warehouse, stable, or other outbuilding where the cat can enter and exit.  Regular food, water, and a litterbox will be kept here.
  • If in a warehouse or similar setting, access to outdoor areas should be limited if it’s in a heavily populated area.
  • A large, isolated property or structure is necessary for the safety and comfort of these felines, who are acclimated to life independent from people.
  • Minimum 1/2 acre of space without intruding upon neighbors.
  • The property should have at least one side opening to larger land/ trees/ fields, etc., and cannot be divided into smaller sections.

What if I live in a residential area?

  • Due to smaller land areas, less available prey, and proximity to busy roads, we do not adopt working cats to residential properties. 
  • Homes should have at least one “lot space” in between them for consideration.
  • Homes that are located in a heavily populated area near busy roads will not be considered. 
  • Busy is defined as having more than 1 lane each way or being paved. Asphalt is ok.
  • If you are looking for a cat with a more reserved personality to join your home, our animal care team in the Adoption Center can match you with the perfect feline! Our available cats are suited for indoor living as companion animals and according to our adoption contract, must not be employed as a barn cat.
  • See Houston SPCA alumna Dolly above as the perfect example of a non-working cat!

Ready to fill out an application to give a working cat a home at your property or place of business?

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