We have zero tolerance when it comes to animal cruelty in the Houston metro area. Our teams are uniquely equipped to rescue many types of animals from all kinds of abuse and neglect.

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Answering the Call of the Wild

The Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas is one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation centers in the nation. This unique facility cares for over 12,000 wild animals, representing the more than 380 different species seen throughout the organization's history.
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Helping Wildlife in Need

At Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas, providing emergency lifesaving care to injured, ill, and orphaned native wildlife is just the beginning. Our team works tirelessly to provide short-term and long-term rehabilitation with the ultimate goal of releasing these patients back to the wild. Each animal is provided individualized care in our state-of-the-art facility by experienced state and federally permitted wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians. From Osprey to opossums, lifesaving efforts remain a top priority to us.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we implement many of the programs of Houston SPCA, and that reality is most evident in the Wildlife Center of Texas. The shelter-at-home order resulted in record numbers of community members finding injured wildlife in their yards and communities. We have experienced record admissions with an almost 20% increase over last year. At the height of the birthing season, we routinely receive between 60 to 90 animals every day and have more than 1,100 native wild animals in our care.

Found injured or orphaned wildlife? Click here for information on how to help.

Wildlife Trauma and Rehabilitation Center

The Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas is Houston’s only trauma and wildlife rehabilitation center that treats all injured, sick or orphaned native Texas wildlife species, turning away no animal in need.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved! The Wildlife Center of Texas has many volunteer opportunities including direct animal care, community education and special events.

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Oil Spill and Disaster Response

The Wildlife Center of Texas employs a team of state and federally permitted wildlife rehabilitators who can care for all species of birds and mammals including endangered species during an oil spill.

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Wildlife Education Programs

The Wildlife Center of Texas offers on and offsite presentations that promote the importance of responsible environmental stewardship to children and adults, schools and civic groups.

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Check Out Our Wildlife Cams

Our four aviary cams give you a live look into our rehabilitation efforts.

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