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At this time, we do not offer veterinary care for injured or extremely ill pets, nor do we provide spaying or neutering services.

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Finding a New Home for Your Pet

Let us help you gather the resources you need to give your pet a great start with a new family.

We want to help you and your pet have a good life!

Choosing to rehome your pet is an intensely personal and incredibly difficult decision, but sometimes we know you’re faced with no other option. If you’ve examined all your possibilities and decide the rehoming your pet is best for you and for your pet, here are some tips to consider before you reach out to a local shelter or rescue group. Many people successfully find homes through friends, neighbors or the use of social media!

Give yourself plenty of time, if possible.

It might take weeks or even months to find your pet a new home. There are a lot of pets out there looking for homes, so be prepared and patient!

Increase your pet’s adoptability.

Make sure your pet is spayed or neutered, groomed, and up-to-date on all age-appropriate vaccinations. There are low and no-cost clinics in Houston that can help with that. You’ll find them online or you can contact:
Spay-Neuter Assistance Program, Inc.
1801 Durham Drive, Suite 1
Houston, Texas 77007

Create a pet profile for your social media or flyers.

Have a great photo or two and include breed, sex, age, medical history and tell us one or two things that make your pet perfect for his or her next family! Do they like to sleep in the bed? Do they know how to sit? Or are they just giant cuddle bugs that never leave your side? Tell us! We want to know.

Tell your network of trusted friends, family, and co-workers.

Ask them to spread the word! You never know who may be looking for a new companion. Use your social media.

Use the Internet.

Post your pet profile on as many rehoming sites as possible. Please use caution when considering an unknown individual as your pet’s new owner. Schedule the initial meeting in a public place (with social distancing, of course) and ask questions to help screen potential adopters. When you find someone who meets your expectations and your pet’s needs, ask for identification and references. Here are some possible rehoming sites:

Houston SPCA: Houston SPCA accepts owned animals for rehoming by appointment by calling (713) 869-SPCA.
Houston Government/BARC
Adopt a Pet 
Rehome Your Pets

Check with local animal-related organizations.

There are many reputable breed-specific or species-specific organizations dedicated to rehoming animals. You can find most of these groups online through a web search or on Facebook. One of them might have space available for your pet.

If you adopted your pet from an animal organization or purchased him/her from a breeder, contact them.

They may be able to accept your pet for rehoming.

Never abandon your animal.

It is against the law. You could find yourself facing criminal charges if you abandon your pet. We know you love your pet, and you want the best for them, so keep making calls and looking for resources.

Seeking Help from the Rehoming Center

The Rehoming Center is open by appointment only from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week at the Houston SPCA Animal Medical Center located at 900 Portway Drive. The Rehoming Center entrance is located on the far right side of the building. There is a $10 non-refundable appointment fee, and appointments are subject to availability.

Appointments cannot be made online. Please call (713) 869-7722 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. for scheduling.

The Houston SPCA accepts healthy, behaviorally sound, owned animals into its rehoming program by appointment only. Each animal is evaluated based on its medical condition and behavior to determine eligibility for our adoption program. Animals with highly contagious diseases or exhibiting aggressive behaviors are not eligible for placement in our adoption program.

*Please note: If your call is not immediate answered, please leave a message and we will return your call in the order it was received. We appreciate your patience.

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