We have zero tolerance when it comes to animal cruelty in the Houston metro area. Our teams are uniquely equipped to rescue many types of animals from all kinds of abuse and neglect.

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We’re thrilled to announce the opening of the Houston SPCA Pet Wellness Clinic, dedicated to serving the beloved pets of our community. Our clinic is committed to delivering top-notch yet affordable veterinary care for your furry companions, encompassing essential vaccinations and preventatives.

As of now, our services encompass vaccinations, preventatives, and online pharmacy services (coming soon). However, we do not currently offer veterinary care for injured or unwell pets, nor do we provide spaying or neutering services. Stay connected with us through social media for the latest updates on our Pet Wellness Clinic as we work diligently to expand our offerings in the near future.

Pet Wellness Clinic
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To tell our harrowing stories or speak with one of our experts about investigations, veterinary medicine, and more, please reach out to:

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Dr. Roberta Westbrook, Chief Animal Welfare & Medical Officer, on pet safety during Texas summer heat

“Leaving your pet outside can have devastating consequences as we have seen with recent horrific cases,” said Dr. Westbrook. “If you plan on leaving your home, please bring your pet inside to ensure their safety or at least make arrangements to make sure they will have adequate food, water and shade to help regulate their body temperature.”

Dr. Westbrook is the authority on the veterinary medical field and animal care 

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