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At this time, we do not offer veterinary care for injured or extremely ill pets, nor do we provide spaying or neutering services.

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Foster Family

It’s easy — we provide all the supplies and can help you fit fostering into your schedule!
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Foster families help save lives.

Fostering at the Houston SPCA means joining a family of caring people who support our lifesaving mission and have a passion for animals—just like you!  No experience is necessary, but you need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.  We provide you with all the needed supplies including Hill’s Science Diet pet food, litter, crates, toys, bedding as well as medicine, if necessary.  All medical treatments and check-ups are conducted by Houston SPCA veterinary staff on our campus, in-person or online per CDC guidelines. Read our Foster Family FAQ.


Get Started

You only need to take 3 simple steps to join the Houston SPCA Foster Family and start making a difference for animals in need.
Step 1

Complete online registration.

Go here to find out more information.

Step 2

Watch the training video and pass a short quiz.

Step 3

Make an appointment to pick up supplies and bring your foster home.

Become a Part of Our Foster Family

Not sure you have time to foster? Joining the Houston SPCA Foster Family means we work around your schedule. For additional questions, please email foster@houstonspca.org or call 713-869-7722 ext. 121.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting Fosters right now?
Yes, we are so glad to hear you are interested in joining the Houston SPCA Foster Family!
What is Foster Family?
It's for volunteers who only wish to Foster the animals in the Houston SPCA's care without joining the larger Volunteer program.
I am interested in adopting a pet. Can I foster him/her first?
Unfortunately, no. Our foster program is not designed as a foster-to-adopt program. We aim to place animals who are ill, injured, or immature into temporary homes. Our foster program does not allow foster parents to adopt their first three foster pets.
Does it cost anything?
There is no fee to join Foster Family.
Is there a background check?
You do not have to have a background check, but you must be 18 years old and have a valid driver's license.
Do I have to register to be a volunteer before I become a foster? I only want to foster.
No, you don't have to register for the Volunteer Program to complete the three easy steps to joining Foster Family.
I'm already a [Kitten Warrior/ Good Samaritan, etc.], so why do I need to register for Foster Family?
There have been some improvements to streamlining our Foster process, and to ensure we're all working cohesively, we ask that everyone who wants to join the Houston SPCA Foster Family take three simple steps with us.
What type of animals do you place in foster homes?
We place immature (less than 8 weeks of age), ill, or injured animals in foster homes.
Do I get to choose the animals I want to foster?
Yes, once you join Foster Family, you will work with the Houston SPCA Foster coordinator.
What if I have resident pets?
This is completely fine! We ask that your resident animals are complete and up-to-date on all vaccinations and that they are spayed/neutered. We recommend keeping foster animals separate from resident animals, especially if you are interested in fostering animals with contagious illnesses.
How often am I required to foster?
We ask that you foster at least every six months to stay active in our system and current on our policies.
I found an unowned animal. Can I foster him/her?
Thank you for offering to extend your home to an animal in need. If you have found an unowned animal and would like to foster him/her, you can become an Emergency Foster. The Emergency Foster Program is a one-time foster of a domestic companion animal for immaturity and/or minor medical treatment. Emergency Fosters must be approved in advance by the Foster Care Coordinator. First, please call our Call Center at (713) 869-7722 and schedule a Rehoming appointment. If the animal is a candidate for our Emergency Foster Program, our call center representatives may ask you if you are interested in participating in this program. The Houston SPCA Veterinary Services must see the animal before being admitted into the Emergency Foster Program. Once approved, we will provide you with all needed supplies for the animal, and further instructions on how to care for the animal, and when to bring the animal back to us for rechecks. Once the animal is ready for our adoption program, they must be returned to the Houston SPCA. If you wish to continue fostering animals for the Houston SPCA, you must enroll in our Foster Family program by submitting an application on our website and attending foster training prior to your next foster animal!
Do I have to find an adopter for my foster pet? Do I have to keep the foster pet until the animal has been adopted?
No. Our Foster Family program only places ill, immature, or injured animals into the program. As a Foster Family, you are providing a temporary home and care for the animal (s). Once your foster animal is healthy and old enough for surgery, he/she will come back to campus for spay/neuter surgery and be placed up for adoption in the Adoption Center.

Foster Family Page

This is the login page for Members of our Foster Family to view pets awaiting foster and to schedule a foster visit.

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