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Rehabilitated Bald Eagle Returns to the Wild

Watch as a juvenile eagle flies free again after weeks of care at the Wildlife Center of Texas.

Juvenile bald eagle receives treatment at Houston SPCA's Wildlife Center of Texas

(September 28, 2021)

The Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas released a juvenile bald eagle back into the wild earlier today after he was brought to the Center back in May.

The eagle was discovered severely dehydrated and thin, so the Wildlife Center staff immediately began rehydration protocol, took X-rays and ran blood work which indicated an infection. Once parasite treatment and antibiotics were complete, the eagle was moved to their eagle flight complex where he spent several weeks flying well. Now, he’s been returned to the wild where he belongs.

The approximate cost of care for an injured eagle, including veterinary care — tests such as X-rays, medication and diagnostics — as well as animal care is more than $3,500. The Center operates solely on donations and appreciates online support. Donate today to ensure that more majestic wild animals are rehabilitated and returned to their natural habitats

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