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We’re thrilled to announce the opening of the Houston SPCA Pet Wellness Clinic, dedicated to serving the beloved pets of our community. Our clinic is committed to delivering top-notch yet affordable veterinary care for your furry companions, encompassing essential vaccinations and preventatives.

As of now, our services encompass vaccinations, preventatives, and online pharmacy services (coming soon). However, we do not currently offer veterinary care for injured or unwell pets, nor do we provide spaying or neutering services. Stay connected with us through social media for the latest updates on our Pet Wellness Clinic as we work diligently to expand our offerings in the near future.

Pet Wellness Clinic
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Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas wins new Toyota Highlander for wildlife releases

Courtesy of the Wyland Foundation’s ‘Mayor’s Challenge’, Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas has won a Toyota Highlander Hybrid for rehabilitated wildlife releases.

Houston is among the top five cities in the U.S. to win the Wyland Foundation’s Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation after the City of Houston submitted a video through social media ‘challenging’ residents to make a pledge to reduce overall water waste by 60 million gallons; eliminate single-use plastic water bottles by 119,000, and reduce 3,700 pounds of hazardous waste from entering watersheds.

Saving Wildlife through Releases

Part of the competition includes nominating a deserving non-profit from each winning city. Each non-profit then submits a grant application to the Wyland Foundation before the winners are gifted with a 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. The Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas, Houston’s winning non-profit, will be presented the keys to the hybrid that will be used for their countless wildlife releases including sea birds, bald eagles, screech owls, squirrels, opossums, and many more species.

Hoston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas releasing Great Horned Owl

The four other winning cities include the City of Laguna Beach, the City of Palm Coast, the City of Miramar, and the City of Sacramento. More than 1,200 mayors across the U.S. have participated in the Challenge since its inception 10 years ago.

The Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas is one of the nation’s largest wildlife rehabilitation centers. They care for more than 12,000 ill, orphaned, injured wild animals from 270 species annually.

For complete guidelines on helping distressed wild animals, please visit their webpage or call the Center at 713-861-9453. The Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas is Houston’s only trauma and wildlife rehabilitation center that treats all injured, sick, or orphaned native Texas wildlife species, turning away no animal in need.

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