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Celebrating National Arabian Horse Day

(February 19, 2024)

Today is National Arabian Horse Day, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate one of the most iconic and beloved breeds in the world. With their striking beauty, intelligence, and history, Arabian horses have captured the hearts of equestrians.

Did you know the Arabian horse is the world’s oldest domesticated breed of horse? Originating from the Arabian Peninsula, these horses played a crucial role in developing many other breeds, contributing their distinctive characteristics such as endurance and intelligence.

One of the most striking features of Arabian horses is their distinctive appearance. They are known for their dished faces, large, expressive eyes, and arched necks. These physical traits add to their aesthetic appeal and serve practical purposes, aiding in their ability to thrive in harsh desert environments.

Arrow is a 15-year-old Arabian horse. He is a total love bug! He loves to trot back and forth with his buddy Ammo.

Arabian horses hold significant cultural importance in many societies around the world. They have been featured prominently in art, literature, and folklore, symbolizing nobility, grace, and freedom. Their influence can be seen in the mythology of ancient civilizations, as well as in modern-day events such as Arabian horse shows and festivals.

Often misunderstood due to their hypersensitivity, Arabian horses very much bond to their human. Legends say it’s because the mares and foals slept inside the tents of the Bedouin tribes for warmth and protection. Our Equine and Farm Care Manager, Linnea, also shares a special bond with Arabian horses. “I learned how to ride on Arabian horses, so they have a special place in my heart,” she reflects.

Ammo is a 15-year-old Arabian horse. He’s very sweet and loves to play with his friend Arrow.

Arabian horses are truly remarkable. They have a rich history, distinctive characteristics, and enduring legacy. As we celebrate National Arabian Horse Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate these magnificent breeds!

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