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Live Here Give Here: Why it’s Important to Give Local

Houston SPCA William & Evelyn Griffin Campus For All Animals appears in the background against a blue sky. The building has a light gray roof with small towers with windows, one with a weathervane with a dog. In the foreground in a green dog park, two dogs and four people gather.

(May 1, 2023)

With rising inflation and the state of the economy in 2023, the landscape of giving has changed immensely. If you give charitably to any variety of organizations, you might be worried about how far your dollar is going. However, with trends reporting that the volume of donors is decreasing, it’s more important than ever to continue to give local where your donation will do the most good, even if you aren’t able to give as much as before.

Why should you choose a local organization to support?

More Bang for Your Buck

If you choose a smaller, local organization in your community to donate to, a higher percentage of your money will be going straight to programs on the frontlines. Local charities require fewer administrative expenses.

According to our Charity Navigator profile, Houston SPCA has high ratings in our expense ratio categories. This means most of our money raised is going towards program expenses, and the money that doesn’t is being spent to efficiently raise more funds and operate our campus.

Our programs include: Adoptions, Rehoming, Injured Animal Rescue Ambulance, Cruelty Investigations, Found Animals, Foster Care, Volunteering, Programs for Kids, Community Outreach, Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine Partnership, Houston SPCA’s Wildlife Center of Texas, Disaster Relief, PetSafe, and Pet Food Giveaways/Vaccine Clinics.

Our wide breadth of services means that chances are, your gift is going directly to at least one specific cause you care deeply about, plus many others that directly impact the animals you love in your neighborhood.

Give Local to Feel Your Impact at Home

With a gift to a local organization, pets and people in the community you support are being helped directly. There is no national SPCA or parent organization that provides financial support to the Houston SPCA. We do not receive tax dollars. We rely solely on animal lovers in the community to keep our mission going.

This applies to any charitable organization you locally support. Your hard-earned dollars are going to programming that those in your neighborhood will benefit from.

When Moxie was left out on an apartment balcony in 106-degree Houston heat, our investigator jumped into action to save her life before it was too late. Stories like Moxie’s happen every day thanks to the support of local donors.

You Can Visit!

If you choose to give local, you can see firsthand where your support is going. You can volunteer, talk to staff, and get an in-person perspective of your charitable giving.

The animals you’ll see on the Houston SPCA William & Evelyn Griffin Campus for All Animals are pets that have been rescued with the support that comes from your gift. You can look these animals in the eye and know you had a hand in getting them to a safe haven where they can become ready for adoption.

A Chevron employee on a corporate volunteer day poses, smiling with her arm around a cattledog.

Since 1924, the Houston SPCA has been the leading private, nonprofit animal welfare organization in the greater Houston region. We are one of the only organizations in the country able to care for animals of all kinds in one location. Looking for more ways to give? Check here for how to support animals in need!

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