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How to Keep Pets Safe in the Spring

(March 22, 2024)

As winter fades and nature comes alive with colors, spring brings a sense of renewal and excitement for us and our pets. But amidst the fun, it’s important to watch out for things that could harm our furry friends. From allergies to outdoor dangers, here are some tips to keep your pet safe and healthy this spring:

Flea and Tick Prevention

Spring is prime time for fleas, ticks, and other parasites to become active. Implement a regular flea and tick prevention regimen recommended by your veterinarian. This could include topical treatments, oral medications, or flea collars. Regular grooming and thorough checks after outdoor adventures can also help in early detection. At our Pet Wellness Clinic, your pet’s health is our top priority that’s why for a limited time only, we’re offering 10% off all flea and tick preventieves

Allergy Awareness
Just like humans, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies. Symptoms may include itching, sneezing, watery eyes, and skin irritation. Watch for allergies in your pet and consult your veterinarian for appropriate treatment options. Pollen, grass, and certain plants can trigger allergic reactions, so wiping your pet’s paws after outdoor walks can minimize exposure.

Spring Cleaning Caution
Many household cleaning products, fertilizers, and pesticides used during spring cleaning and gardening can be toxic to pets if ingested. Store these items securely and use pet-safe alternatives whenever possible. Keep pets away from freshly treated lawns or gardens until chemicals have dried or settled.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Exercise Routine
With longer days and milder temperatures, spring is an excellent time to ramp up outdoor activities with your pet. However, be mindful of overheating, especially for breeds with thick coats or short noses. Provide plenty of fresh water and shade during outdoor excursions. Maintain a balanced diet suitable for your pet’s age, size, and activity level.

Following these spring safety tips can help your animal friend thrive in the warmer months while safeguarding them from seasonal hazards. With proper precautions and awareness, you and your pet can make the most of the joys that spring has to offer.

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