Due to extreme summer temperatures, heat-related cruelty cases and deaths are rising. Keep pets indoors when possible and provide plenty of shelter, food, and water.

Summer Safety for Pets

We have zero tolerance when it comes to animal cruelty in the Houston metro area. Our teams are uniquely equipped to rescue many types of animals from all kinds of abuse and neglect.

If you need help, call 713-869-SPCA

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Transfer Program

Houston SPCA may be Houston’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization, but at the end of the day, our physical campus can only hold so many animals at one time. With the mission of saving as many animals as possible in mind, we work with transport and rescue organizations across the country to find our pets loving homes, wherever they may be. Additionally, we serve as a Gulf Coast hub in times of natural disaster, assisting shelters across the region to send their pets to safety, and making room for the influx of animals that need help during a crisis.

Creating and maintaining a network of transfer partners is critical to getting animals where they need to go to live their best life. Learn more about our program below and how you can connect with Houston SPCA to help more pets in need.

Become a Houston SPCA Transfer Partner
Interested in connecting with Houston SPCA and becoming an official transfer partner? Here’s how to do it.
Email transfers@houstonspca.org with your 501C3 and contact information

  • Requirements TBD 1
  • Requirements TBD 2
  • Requirements TBD 3

What we provide to our transfer partner

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Our Transfer Program by the Numbers

Animal rescue crisis – why transport is important (Future T+T post?) o Stray populations in southern states o Shortage of adoptable animals in norther states o Graphic: map of highly populated stray areas


2021 Hurricane Transport


2021 Pets to Partners