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Generous Donors Save Over 50,000 Lives in 2021 at Houston SPCA

Generous donors saved 50,000 lives this year, like mom cat Doris' litter of kittens

(April 20, 2022)

There were plenty of surprises for Houston SPCA in 2021, from a deep freeze to ever-evolving COVID-19 news. But our generous donors still made room in their hearts to care about homeless, neglected, abandoned, and abused animals in our community. Pearl the dog’s recovery from horrific abuse, Pascal the day-old foal’s plucky battle, and the mysterious case of Freeway the kitten all have happy endings thanks to animal lovers in the Houston area and beyond.

Lives Changed This Year

Support from our community has accomplished great things. It was a busy year! Looking ahead to the future, we can save more lives like these with our growing network of animal lovers.

The traffic cam footage was horrific. Pearl was dragged behind a vehicle by a rope around
her neck. Witnesses called it in, and our cruelty investigators raced to find Pearl, left to die in the
street, and gather the traffic cam film to show what happened to her.

As you can imagine, Pearl’s body was covered in abrasions, and she was frightened. Your support allowed our team to treat her medical needs and shower her with love. She soon regained her happy, playful spirit
and was quickly adopted.

Our cruelty investigators followed up on a call about two mares and a stallion, emaciated and living in
filth. The report was painfully true—but there was also a surprise! Prada the Quarter Horse mare was
trying desperately to nurse her one-day-old colt, Pascal. Quickly realizing that Prada didn’t have the protective colostrum Pascal would need to build his immune system, our team rushed him to an equine hospital for a transfusion. The plucky little guy pulled through, and our equine team spent months carefully bringing mother and colt up to a healthy weight.

Freeway, the little orange tabby kitten, has a strong voice—and that’s a good thing, because her cries for help were the only way to find her! We have no idea how she ended up on a freeway beam 30 feet in the air, and getting her down took some thought. Finally, our team spotted a bucket truck run by Third Coast Services, and they were glad to perform the daring rescue. Soon, Freeway was in safe hands. She spent a few days recovering with us, but it didn’t take long for her to charm her way into a new family.

How Far Does Your Support Go?

According to our 2021 Impact Report, with the help of generous donors, we helped 58,893 animals in total. 12,181 wild animals were brought in for care at The Wildlife Center of Texas. 8,273 animals were adopted by new families. 8,082 reports of animal cruelty were investigated.

We’ve Helped Pets and Their People

Although animals are at the heart of all we do, we are implementing crucial community resources to keep pets and their families together whenever possible.

  • In 2021, we delivered more than 179,000 pet meals to pet parents affected by the pandemic
  • We provided a safe haven for pets involved in domestic violence through PetSafe, ensuring those fleeing violence can rest easy knowing their pets are cared for
  • We transported 154 adoptable pets out of harm’s way in advance of Hurricane Ida, making space in local shelters for storm victims

We continue to provide the following programs and services in the Houston area:

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