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Houston SPCA News

Empowering Future Veterinarians: Inside the Houston SPCA’s ‘Vet Track’

The Houston SPCA is excited to welcome 10 college students to our newest summer job program: Vet Track! Coming from all different colleges, these students share a passion for veterinary medicine.

Inaugural Class of SJP June 2024

(June 18, 2024)

The Houston SPCA is excited to welcome 10 college students to our newest summer job program: Vet Track! Coming from all different colleges, these students share a passion for veterinary medicine. This summer, they are working in paid, full-time positions on our campus, diving into the complex world of animal welfare. Students receive hands-on experience in various areas, including adoptions and general animal care, small animal and equine veterinary services, and wildlife rehabilitation. Additionally, students will work within our Pet Wellness Clinic and see the daily operations of an efficiently managed animal clinic and hospital. During their three-month program, these 10 students will care for companion animals, including puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, small companion pets, horses, and farm animals. As part of their wildlife involvement, students will assist a myriad of species and learn the delicate process of rehabilitation and release.

For Maya Scott, one of our selected 10 students, Vet Track is a huge stepping stone on her journey to veterinary school. “This first week has been so amazing. I get to learn new veterinary skills while earning money this summer,” said Scott. Hannah Smart joins Scott in her enthusiasm about the hands-on experience aspect of the program. “This week I got to work in the Pet Wellness Clinic, so I learned about vaccines and best practices on inoculations,” said Smart.

The Houston SPCA’s Chief Animal Welfare and Medical Officer, Dr. Roberta Westbrook, curated this program designed to teach future veterinarians innovative practices and essential skills. She shared how it fills the gap in the organization’s spectrum of humane education initiatives. “We have education programs that serve students as young as kindergarten through middle school and high school. Now we’ve added college-level students who have a budding awareness of their passion for veterinary medicine, and to be instrumental in helping them reach their goals in serving animals is very exciting,” said Westbrook.

Vet Track runs from June to August 2024. If you are interested in joining our team in the summer of 2025, we encourage you to apply next March when applications open!

The Houston SPCA is proud of our expanding veterinary partnerships and opportunities for students across Texas. Our 11-year-long partnership with Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences offers fourth-year veterinary students a mandatory, graded two-week rotation while living in a dormitory on their campus. For more information, visit our Veterinary Partnership page!

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